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Kent Sweatman

A Biblical Response to Racism

Racism is the issue that, next to COVID-19, is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of so many of us at the present time. Some well-meaning but uninformed believers, rightfully incensed by racially-motivated atrocities, have rushed to identify with the Black Lives Matter movement. I would urge any follower of Christ who has so identified to quickly “unidentify” with that movement because of its egregiously anti-Christ, anti-Christian and morally corrupt agenda. If you have any questions as to why I would urge you to do this, read the article I posted on June 18 or go to the Black Lives Matter website and read their agenda for yourself.

Followers of Christ must make it very clear to the world that we reject all forms of racism. If you know Scripture and the gospel, that we should reject racism should go without saying. However, many believers have done a less-than-adequate job of communicating to the world what the Bible teaches about race. Furthermore, many believers have failed to clearly exemplify what God’s word mandates for us regarding our behavior towards others, regardless of their ethnicity or what shade of brown their skin may be.

Recently, Dr. Ken Ham spoke on what the Bible teaches about humanity and race. He also included some information from secular scientific sources in order to show how the hard science backs up what the Bible actually teaches about race. The following video will hopefully help you as you prayerfully consider how you yourself should respond to racism in the present highly sensitive social environment.

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