A Biblical Response to Racism

Racism is the issue that, next to COVID-19, is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of so many of us at the present time. Some well-meaning but uninformed believers, rightfully incensed by racially-motivated atrocities, have rushed to identify with the Black Lives Matter movement. I would urge any follower of Christ who has so […]

What You Need to Know About #BLACKLIVESMATTER

As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and as Christians who strive to be Biblical in every area of our lives, the sentence, “Black lives matter,” is one that we heartily and emphatically agree with. God’s word clearly teaches that were are all of one race, all of us tracing our lineage back to Noah […]

What We Lost When We Left Classic Worship and Ministry Behind

Worship is at the very center of what we do as a church. Yet worship has also been at the center of controversy for the past several decades. At some point, the evangelical church as a whole began to move away from what we call “classic” worship, which included the singing of hymns accompanied by […]

Real Peace in the Face of COVID-19

Recently, I heard a primary care physician talking about how terrified her patients with COVID-19 were when they received their positive test results confirming that they actually had the virus. I understand such fear. We all probably do. But I also thought about all of the fear that seems to have our nation in a […]

An Update from Pastor Kent

During the past three weeks, I have been praying earnestly for our Lord to nurture and sustain our fellowship and our deep affection for one another in Christ Jesus despite the fact that we are all isolated from one another.